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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy
Catch Up Premium 2020/2021*

*The DfE has confirmed that as this grant was discontinued in September 2021, this year is the last year in which we have to publish this information.


The Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium is a sum of money allocated to Yr 7 students who have not reached the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of KS2.

Uplands is a Secondary Special School which delivers education to students with Severe or Profound and multiple Learning difficulties and or a diagnosis of Autism.

All students upon entry are working below age related expectations. Consequently Uplands have received literacy and numeracy catch-up premium for all Yr 7 students in the academic year 2019/2020


How the catch-up premium was spent (£8000)

All students upon entry to Uplands have very complex learning profiles, often with associated anxiety related behaviours, particularly for students who have a diagnosis of ASC. This results in students not being ready to learn when they arrive at the start of September.

We consider that the best way to ensure year 7 students make outstanding progress is to use the literacy numeracy catch-up premium to support a smooth transition into the school. Uplands have a dedicated team which supports transitions, including those students transitioning into year 7. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic planned transition support was adapted but included who;

  • -Some visits to Yr 6 students in their current learning environment to;
  • to Understand the individualised needs of students
  • Understanding their communication needs
  • Understanding their sensory needs
  • Be able to suggest a suitable House which the student will enter at Uplands
  • Work with the feeder schools to identify specific barriers to learning
  • Work with the Uplands leadership team to suggest suitable class groups
  • Attend Annual reviews of yr 6 students (where necessary)
  • Produce 1 page profiles to best inform teachers of students’ individual needs
  • Creation of a transitions video to support Yr 6 students
  • Arrangement of virtual video meetings with Yr 6 families
  • The creation of welcome packs which were delived to all Yr 6 students during a period of school closure
  •  A dedicated Transitions team


In addition to the above the funding we received from the Catch-up fund contributed towards;

  • Supporting the maintenance of a reading scheme which;
  • Enabled us to provide staff training on the use of the reading scheme and Benchmarking
  • Paying a TA 1hr per week to maintain the library and to train staff in Reading Benchmarking


How last year’s allocation made a difference?

  • Yr 6 students have had a positive transition into year 7 despite the limitations Covid 19 presented
  • As a result of the transition team’s work, all students, now currently in Yr 8 were placed in the correct classes and no ‘in year’ movement occurred as a result of not being in the correct learning environment


Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium 2019/2020