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Tier 3 Resources

Counting, adding and subtraction

Adding to 10

Addition to 20

Addition word problems

Children in Need bake sale code breaker

Colour by sums

Dot 2 Dot  Cat

Dot 2 Dot My Little Pony

Dot 2 Dot  100 and over

Dot 2 Dot letters - spider

Making 10 and 20

Subtraction challenge cards

Superhero maths activity game

Superhero missing number 1 to 20 activity

Dinosaurs dot to dot

Under the sea counting activity sheet

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Addition sheet

Dinosaur themed subtraction activity sheet

Dinosaur addition within 10

Raindrop missing number activity sheet



Common equivalent fractions

Equivalent fractions worksheet 1

Equivalent fractions worksheet 2

Year 3 equivalent fractions PowerPoint with worksheets

Fractions, decimals and equivalent fractions matching activity


Multiplication and Division

2, 5, 10 word multiplication problems

6 times table multiplication and division

7 times table multiplication and division

8 times table multiplication and division

9 times table multiplication and division

Activity cards 10 times table

Colour by multiplication sheet

Multiplication word problems

Multiplication wheels worksheet

Multiplication triangles worksheet

Ultimate times table challenge

Ultimate division challenge

Ultimate multiples of 10 times table challenge

Multiplication triangles 3,4 and 8 times tables

2,3,5 and 10 missing numbers activity sheet

Year 2 - Multiplication and division workbook

Year 2 - Multiplication and division workbook answers

Year 3 - Multiplication and division workbook

Year 3 - Multiplication and division workbook answers



Coin recognition activity sheet


Coins - How to use guide

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

Coin ordering cut and paste

How much money is in my piggy bank?

How much money is in my jar?

Coin detectives activity sheet

1p and 2p coin money bingo

How much do the ice creams cost activity sheet

Check your change from £1


Percentages and Decimals

1% Activity Sheet

1%, 5%, 10% and 25% activity sheet

5% activity sheet

10% activity sheet

25% activity sheet

Higher ability

Middle ability

Lower ability


Positional language

What's the position? activity sheet

Preposition tree game

Alien positional language worksheet

Preposition listening activity - script

Preposition listening activity

Matching prepositions activity sheet

Prepositions matching picture cards

Farm colour the prepositions

Where is the penguin?

Where is the zebra?




Year 1 Maths Mat 1

Year 1 Maths Mat 2

Year 1 Maths Mat 3

Year 1 Maths Mat 4

Year 1 Maths Mat 5

Year 1 Maths Mat 6