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Tier 2 Resources


Reading scales in litres and mililitres activity sheet

Everyday objects capacity activity sheet


Weight measuring activity sheet

Big and small sorting

Big and small base

Big and small characters

Big worksheet

Big and small cut out activity

Beanstalks - height and weight

More than and less than

Rapunzel measuring

Measuring the perimeter of a shape

Ordering caterpillar lengths

Measure a line activity


Patterns and Sequencing

Complete a symmetrical butterfly activity sheet

Hungry caterpillar pattern sheet

Stripy scarves repeating patterns activity sheet

The Very Hungry Caterpillar number sequencing

Opposites Matching Cards


What's the position cut and paste activity

Preposition tree game

Where is the penguin positional language picture cards


Shape and colour

Basic 2D shapes

2D Shape match

2D shape match harder

Colour by 2D shapes


Food shape sorting

Roll and colour dice

Shape activity pics

Shape colour activity

Sorting 2D shapes

Sorting cards for colours



Analogue flower clock

Clock faces

Half past analogue times

Make a clock face

O' clock times


Telling the time in five minute intervals

12 hour and 24 hour matching cards

Telling the time matching game (O' clock and half past)

Telling the time matching game (O' clock)

Telling the time matching game (quarter to and quarter past)

Telling the time matching game (to five minutes)

Telling the time poster

Analogue clock flower labels

O' clock, half-past and quarter to times activity sheet

Interactive games clock

Tricky clock times

What time is it?

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Year 1 - Middle

Year 1 - Lower

Year 2 - Higher

Year 2 - Middle

Year 2 - Lower

Year 3 - Higher

Year 3 - Middle 1

Year 3 - Middle 2

Year 3 - Lower


Reading scales activity sheet