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Tier 2 Resources

Co-ordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions

Using different types of conjunctions

Subordinate Clauses

Coordinating conjunctions


Descriptive Writing

A witch - describe the picture

About me adjectives

About myself - harder, extended sentences

Adjectives to describe a picture

Finish the sentence - adjectives

Finished the sentence - adjectives 2

News pictures to write about


Handwriting Tier 2

Can you write letters activity sheet

CVC Handwriting sheets

Line handwriting worksheets

Letter formation workbook

Line handwriting worksheets

Letter formation alphabet handwriting sheet

Pencil control activity cards

Mark making pattern cards


Paper Types

Dots small


Handwriting line green

Handwriting line grey




Triangular quarters


Sentence Building - Tier 2

About myself

Adding basic punctuation

Everyday sentence building

Finish the sentence - random

Finish the sentence - random 2

Finish the sentence - transport

Question - build a sentence

Sentence building cards

Simple sentence writing prompt pictures

Write the caption worksheet



Activity sheet questions

Activity sheet answers

a-e spelling activity

au spelling activity

aw spelling activity

ay spelling activity

Dictionary animal spelling

ea spelling activity

e-e spelling activity

ew spelling activity

ey spelling activity

Fruit dictionary

ie spelling activity

i-e spelling activity

ir spelling activity

oe spelling activity

o-e spelling activity

ou spelling activity

oy spelling activity

ph spelling activity

Alternative spellings ee ey and ee activity sheet

ue spelling activity

u-e spelling activity

wh spelling activity


Activity Mats

Mat 1-1

Mat 1-2

Mat 1-3

Mat 1-4

Mat 1-5

Mat 1-6

Mat 2-1

Mat 2-3

Mat 2-4

Mat 2-5

Mat 2-6



Contractions worksheet