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Student Outcomes

KS5 OCR Life and Living Accreditation Data Headlines 2021-22:


Cohort Size

Met Predicted Achievement

Exceeded Predicted Achievement

Horizons College

Bath College































 The analysis of accreditation and destination data indicates that:

  • 100% of students who embarked on an accreditation programme completed it.
  • 89% of Sixth Form students left Uplands with a recognised accreditation from the OCR Life and Living Programme at E1, E2 or E3; the level of this and the units achieved reflects their individualised learning pathway over the three years of KS5
  • The range of accreditation awarded being from Entry Level 1 Certificate through to Entry Level 3 Certificate reflects the personalised and bespoke Sixth Form learning pathways and that every student is enabled to work at their own level and pace.
  • 56% of students achieved predicted qualifications, 33% exceeding predictions, indicating a high-quality delivery of the OCR programme.
  • 9 students (100%) transitioned to Horizons College.


Summary of Student Progress and Key Skills - July 2023


The fundamental principle underpinning assessment at Uplands is that progress is ipsative. Progress is defined on a student-by-student basis, resulting from the co-production of individualised, high quality and aspirational 12-month Learning Intentions across based on the four areas of the Education, Health and Care Plan.

Uplands recognises that the progress made by each individual student should be compared to their individual starting point. Judgements on outcomes are based on an evaluation of learning and progress relative to their starting point of each student. 

Accurate judgements around progress are made through the existence of a robust and transparent quality assurance process underpinning the base lining, setting of, teaching towards and demonstrating progress in individualised Learning Intentions for every student.

Quality of the ‘input’:

At Uplands we have comprehensive quality assurance processes which includes SEND focused student interviews and learning walks, lesson observations, work scrutiny and progress meetings; this ensures the quality of input is the best it can be and as such, progress for each student is the best it can be.  Our SENCo also oversees and quality assures all annual reviews.  Through these processes, SLT will be able to identify any training needs which teachers may have which may relate to teaching, expertise, evidencing and recording, breadth of curriculum, assessment etc. This provides an opportunity for effective coaching to support all staff to continually improve their practice. 

Quality of judgements:

Progress is not only scrutinised internally, but final scrutiny of judgements happens annually at the Annual Review where the wider group of parents and professionals have input into the judgements made. Judgements are validated through internal and external moderation of evidence of progress towards EHCP and literacy/numeracy outcomes).


In July 2023, 95% of Year 11 and 100% of Year 14 leavers have progressed directly on to further education.