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SENSOLOGY – Autumn-themed

Sensology is a session to engage students to focus on the senses at a slow relaxed pace, it gives you a chance to observe responses, and have fun together.

Welcome Song

Forever Autumn – Justin Heywood


A Mirror

“can you see yourself?”

“ can you smile?”

“can you put your tongue out , can you say Ooooo”



Any Autumn colour materials,  can be wafted or draped over the young person, peek a boo type game.



Play firework sounds or geese flying away or both.



Anything in your fridge or cupboards, just a taste of something savoury like marmite and sweet like jam or orange juice or fresh orange.



Crunchy leaves, or a cereal packet, or plastic bags, cellophane, to scrunch up and explore together.



A jam smell or fresh orange, peel and bend the peel close by the young person filling the room with the essence of the orange.


Head movement

Gentle massage on the head in circular motions.


Bending, stretching

To music “lets get physical” Olivia Newton –john or something similar, Gently bending Arms or legs to the music.


Goodbye song

Play “the last post” sit quietly together.