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Uplands School Governors

Secondary Local Governing Committee
Combined Information for Churchward School and Uplands School

Name  Role Date of Appointment Date of Expiry 
Kim West Chair, Parent Governor 22.11.2017 22.11.2021
Ben Ford Vice Chair, Co-opted Governor 08.03.2018 08.03.2022
Christine Gower Vice Chair, Co-opted Governor 24.11.2020 24.11.2024
Allan Browne Co-opted Governor 12.05.2021 12.05.2023
Jackie Bardwell Staff Governor,
Uplands School
21.01.2019 21.01.2023
Enzo Adamo Associate Governor 28.09.2017 28.09.2021
Jodie Cole Staff Governor,
Uplands School 
21.01.2019 21.01.2023
Karen Johnstone Staff Governor, Churchward 08.03.2021 08.03.2025
Louise Fisher Staff Governor, Churchward 08.03.2021 08.03.2025
Mark Tidey Parent Governor, Churchward 10.10.2018 10.10.2022
David Miller Parent Governor,
Uplands School
03.02.2022 02.02.2026
Dave Dearsley
Churchward School Headteacher

David Stevens
Uplands School

Governors who have resigned in the last 12 months: Terms of Reference:

Alan Stone - October 2021
Del Fry - 09.10.20 (Churchward)
Lisa Carswell - 26.08.20 (Churchward)
Jenny Muirhead - 11.09.20 (Churchward)
Elise Jackson - 02.04.20 (Churchward)
Enzo Adam - 05.02.21 (Churchward)
Peter Crockett - 24.11.20 (Churchward)
Yvonne Tylee - 2.03.21 (Churchward)
Fiona Clark - 02.11.20 (Uplands)
Fiona Galbraith - 31.08.20 (Uplands)
Yvonne Tylee - 02.03.21 (Uplands)
Anne West - 21.05.21 (Uplands)

5 Co-Opted Governors
2 Parent Governors

4 Staff Governors

1 Associate Governor

2 Ex-Officio's Headteachers

1 Link Trustee

Terms of Office: 4 Years

Governance Information:
Declaration of Interests 2021/2022
Attendance Register 2020/2021
Attendance Register 2021/2022

The Chair of Governors, Kim West, can be contacted on email westk@brunelsenmat.org.uk or via the school office on 01793 493910

Please visit the Brunel Academies Trust website to view the following:

Key Governance Information
Financial Statements including Annual Report and Accounts