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Uplands School

Uplands School
A Vibrant and Caring Community Where Learning for Life is Fun
Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School
Uplands School Uplands School

School Ethos and Aims

Uplands School aims to ensure that all students have:

  • A vibrant and caring community where independent life skills are developed to ensure they reach their full potential. 
  • Innovative and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities. 
  • A truly inclusive school where all contributions are celebrated and valued. 
  • Effective communication at the heart of their learning. 
  • A curriculum that is designed to maximise engagement and progress. 
  • Opportunities to be supported and enabled to contribute to their own lives and their community. 
  • Excellent partnerships and transitions during their learning journey into adult life. 
  • A team of reflective practitioners supporting them to access regular continuing professional development. 
  • Exceptional care, support and guidance in a safe and nurturing community.