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Physical Development

'Leisure and exercise' forms a key part of the 'Independent Living' strand of our KS3/4 curriculum, as well as the 'Health and relationships' and 'Community Inclusion and Wellbeing' strands of our KS5 curriculum, where the focus further builds on supporting students accessing exercise as a leisure activity and using community facilities.

Leisure and exercise is a timetabled part of the curriculum with weekly sessions that support the sequenced progression of students' physical development in engaging sessions through activities such as team and ball games, fitness in the form of obstacle courses/circuits and sessions utilising our extensive school resources.  As a school, we are proud of its well-equipped hall (which includes a trampoline with hoist), indoor PE equipment and games, adventure playground, soft play room, ball pool, adapted bikes and tricycles and a secure field.  We also have an outside gym that consists of resistance style equipment.

At Uplands School, all students have the opportunity to swim weekly, following the Swimfit programme and progressing through the Brunel Academies Trust's award scheme which is inclusive; celebrating the achievements of all students irrespective of need.  Swimming has a range for benefits which include the development of communication, physical and sensory, self-care and independence knowledge and skills.

Students with PMLD benefit from regular physiotherapy, tacpac sessions, hydrotherapy swims using the on-campus hydro-pool and therapeutic equipment such as standing frames.

Throughout the year students take part in different events within the community such as kurling competitions, working with Swindon Town Foundation and other events such as access days.

We also encourage students to choose healthy eating options when choosing food and snacks at school.