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Uplands School

Uplands School
A Vibrant and Caring Community Where Learning for Life is Fun
Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School Life at Uplands School
Uplands School Uplands School

Our Shared Vision and Mission

A vibrant, caring community where learning for life is fun

Through our innovative approach we ensure high expectations, high aspirations and ambitious outcomes for all students.

Our Mission:

  • To engage, enable and challenge every student to achieve their full potential 
  • To offer a well sequenced knowledge-based curriculum for each learning pathway which prepares our students for adult life in modern Britain  
  • To empower our students with the knowledge to be able to make informed choices to keep themselves safe 
  • To enable our students to be valuable and valued members of their community 
  • To support students to achieve their full potential through ensuring high quality and consistent teaching and learning and appropriate accreditation pathways 
  • To provide specialised learning environments tailored to meet individual needs 
  • To promote the core learning and life values of Independence and Interdependence 


Uplands is a school where each pupil is valued and celebrated for who they are and what they can do.  A key to the success of the school is how well staff understand the needs of every pupil. Leaders are determined that pupils are ‘engaged, enabled and challenged’ and ensure that the curriculum reflects this aim so that pupils can learn the life skills they need to support pupils towards being as independent as possible (OFSTED, 2022)