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Welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Parent and Carers                                                                                 2nd September 2021

Welcome and Welcome Back

I hope that you your families have had a restful summer and enjoyed some time doing something akin to normal whilst staying safe from the virus.

It was a delight to welcome our students back to Uplands this morning; everyone was looking bright and happy to be back in school!  We have a busy year ahead of us and we excited to think that some of the more regular school events will start to resume in due course.

We have, as a team, decided to proceed with caution as we come back together after the holidays; it is well documented that bugs always spread across a school community following the summer break and we know that we still live with Covid. For the next week or so we are staying in our class bubbles while we monitor the impact, if any, of the virus; we have very vulnerable students among us.

Government guidance says that students who are in contact with people who are positive for the virus can still come to school if they are testing regularly. For us at Uplands, this is trickier, and I would urge you as parents to be cautious if you suspect that your child may have had the misfortune to have contact with the virus. We will take each case on an individual basis in terms of the advice we give as we progress into the term. We will act in accordance with government guidance and the guidance from Brunel MAT.

In terms of school business, our school calendar dates are published on the school website calendar. Our INSET days are as follows:

Wednesday 1st September

Monday 1st November (first Monday after October half term)

Tuesday and Wednesday 4th and 5th January 2022 (first two days after the Christmas holidays)

Monday 28th February 2022 (first Monday after February half term)

Friday 8th July 2022

We have said a very sad farewell to our leavers and wished them all the very best as they make their transitions to college. They all did remarkably well in their OCT exams this year – CONGRATUALTIONS! Students will receive their certificates at the PROM on Thursday 14th October – can’t wait! 

We do hope that over the coming year we may be able to form a supportive group of parents and carers to champion the work that takes place in Uplands – if you are interested please do let us know.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns or praise do let us know – our door is always open!

Take care,

Megan Stratton