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Uplands School Allotment

Uplands School is currently working on establishing an allotment which will allow some of our students with access to an outdoor learning environment where they can develop skills in horticulture.

We would be looking to develop this project to help our students understand concepts such as sustainability, growing our own food, looking after our environment and developing independent living and work skills.

We have been working to fence this area and we have started work on the addition of a shed, temporary composter and some designated planters and we are hoping that some students will be able to access the site soon.

We are now on the hunt for gardening equipment, we are currently trying to source:

  • Garden Hand Tools (hand trowels, hand forks, scoops, hand cultivators, planting dibbers, secateurs)
  • Garden Care Tools (rakes, watering cans, hoes)
  • Larger Garden Items (1-2 wheelbarrows, Two water-butts)

For more information, please follow the link to view the Uplands Allotment Letter sent home this week. Thank you for your support.