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Sports Day - Friday 28th June

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are having an Uplands sports day on Friday, 28th of June. The aim is that students will get the opportunity to try out different activities sporting activities and mix with their peers. This may include yoga, dance, off-site walk, use of adventure playground equipment and so on.

As part of this, each class will have the opportunity to participate in a fun ‘Colour Run’ on the school field. This was asked for specifically by the school council. It involves running/moving around a course where coloured powder (specific for this purpose) can be thrown over each other. This powder is sold as non-staining, but we do advise that clothes be sent in that people do not mind getting damaged or grubby. Furthermore, if students could also bring in sunglasses and hats to wear, that would be useful.

We have an ice-cream van on-site for the morning too.

Fingers-crossed, it will be a sunny and dry day. If the weather should be particularly against us then we shall have to postpone until a more favourable day.

Please make your class staff aware if you do not wish for your young person to take part in the colour run.


 Jon Palmer