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Work Related Learning

What is Work Related Learning?

Work Related Learning aims to develop the practical and personal skills and the knowledge required to be able to make choices and act independently as an adult. It is intrinsic to our curriculum offer and an area very much enjoyed by all of our young people.

At Uplands School the approach and activities used may range from developing a sense of being an adult and an awareness of action and consequence, to developing real practical skills and knowledge required in the working world and community. This may apply to real work, progress to further education or supported living. Our students are taught self-help skills in all areas and are encouraged to take responsibility for as many areas of their life as they can.

All students have the opportunity to participate in practically based Work Related Learning opportunities as part of the curriculum.  Work related learning and internal and external work experience placements support our students to apply their knowledge and skills in real life situations in order to prepare them for adulthood; supporting them to have the knowledge of the world they need to make choices and develop their independence.

Work Related Learning Events




We were delighted to welcome Roy Perrett to Uplands from Down Syndrome Workfit. Roy gave an inspiring presentation about young people with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome whom he had supported into successful work placements and enabled the employer to effectively help them.  There are so many exciting jobs out there!

If you are interested to find out more, please visit: or contact Claire, our Deputy Head,

Employer Feedback

100% of work experience partners rate communication with Uplands as Excellent/Good and reported that arrangements were “working great” or “really well”; one commenting that placements are successful due to “good planning which is well supported by a support worker and the co-operation of the school”. 

Our employers report that students: 

  • Are lovely young people that enjoy coming. 
  • Enjoy doing what is asked of them. 
  • Benefit from mixing with other employees. 
  • Grow in confidence. 
  • Learn new skills. 
  • Develop as individuals. 
  • Learn life skills to take away and use in the future. 
  • Make new friends. 

Our employers report that their organisation has benefitted as: 

  • Students are of great help in their café. 
  • It allows them to give a little back to the community. 
  • It supports the charity so well. 
  • They are recognised for their assistance in the various work placement programmes in Swindon. 
  • Staff enjoy assisting students in work experience learning. 

Work experience partner survey – November 2023 

The positive effect is clear to see and hear during these sessions and we can’t thank all stakeholders enough for their contributions and interactions, even participating in role play! This all helps so much towards students experiencing a real, happy and effective learning opportunity.

 Jan and Erica Milsom, Chairman and Committee Member, Blunsdon Village Shop, December 2023 

Parent and Carer Feedback

Excellent support in sixth form preparing students into adulthood - going out into the community, cooking simple meals, sorting out washing, work experience etc. Thank you.
[Parent, Griffon Class]


Each child is different and have different goals in life. I think all the staff at Uplands do well in getting my son to where he is and more because of the support they have given him [Parent, Condor class]


My son loves to learn at school and enjoys work such as at the cafe.
[Parent, Hawk class]


Student Feedback

Below are some of the comments from our students who are taking part in work related learning at Uplands School:

Work experience at ASDA has been good because it has improved my confidence and has given me a better understanding of what is needed. It has also improved my social skills, it makes me feel very proud, looking back at my achievements. Jack


Work experience is amazing. I have learnt new skills like setting up lovely displays and cleaning the windows. I enjoy working with the customers, greeting them when they come into the hair salon. Sir


It is very important to me because it makes me feel happy, and gives me something to focus on that is rewarding as it gives me purpose in life. The best bits are working with customers and following the employer’s instructions learning something new each time I go to ASDA. They fully support me and encourage me to do well. Ben