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Careers Programme

At Uplands School, in conjunction with the wider Brunel Multi Academy Trust,  we are committed to providing all our learners with a comprehensive programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and work related learning. 

The Department for Education SEND Code of Practice 2015 says it is important that young people start to think about their aspirations as early as possible and that from year 9 at the latest, there is help to start planning for a successful transition to adulthood. This includes setting stretching and ambitious outcomes, exploring further education or training that will enable young people to secure paid work and other opportunities for a positive adult life. For students with more complex needs, a coordinated assessment process or education, health and care plan (EHCP), which can continue up to the age of 25, can help set out goals and support needs in relation to:

  • moving into paid employment and higher education
  • independent living
  • having friends and relationships and being part of the community
  • being as healthy as possible

The aims of careers provision are the same for all young people: independent living and working, choice, hope and optimism, adaptability and resilience, access to and engagement in decent work in all its forms (personal, gift and paid work), opportunities to learn and make progress, and the pursuit of wellbeing and happiness.

Where the differences lie for young people with SEND is in how they need to learn, their priorities within that learning, how far they can get, at what rate they can progress and the willingness of the businesses and people around them to accommodate their needs.

The main aims of the Careers Programme are to:

  • Inspire the learners and raise their aspirations from year 8
  • Help learners to explore their strengths and interests
  • Help learner to explore appropriate environments, routines and learning styles which meet their individual needs
  • Consider all possible transitional pathways including paid or voluntary employment, community enterprise, social enterprise and independent living etc.
  • Provide a broad and varied range of careers guidance and information, in ways that suit the learners and their families
  • Provide a broad and varied range of opportunities to develop independence and work skills
  • Work with students and their families to ensure that their EHCP reflects their aspirations, strengths and needs and associated outcomes linked to careers, independent living, community and good health
  • Inform and communicate with parents/carers so that together we can support our young people to reach their full potential
  • Provide challenging qualification pathways which support opportunities for future education, employment, independent living, community and good health at levels from Entry 1 upwards
  • Develop underpinning functional skills for everyday living and working life

Uplands also aims to develop mutual learning relationships with local employers which will improve employment practices for people with SEND in the local area. We also aim to influence, through feedback and discussion with the Careers Enterprise Network, the wider understanding and provision  of  Careers for people with SEND, including the Careers framework.

To read more please follow the link to view the full Careers Programme Information

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