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Uplands School

Uplands School
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Curriculum Pathways

The curriculum is divided into three differentiated pathways with opportunities to move between each pathway depending upon a student’s individual needs and rates of development. These are: 


Pre-formal learners following this curriculum pathway are broadly working at a level equivalent to M1-M3b of the adult pre-entry curriculum and are those students who are not ready for subject specific learning.    

The curriculum for pre-formal learners is broadly based on Education Scotland’s ‘Milestones: Supporting learners with complex additional support needs’ and the EYFS statutory framework (2021).  The curriculum areas for pre-formal learners underpin and lead into the subjects that students follow through the other pathways to provide an engaging context for lessons through which the appropriate knowledge for each learner can be delivered in a sequenced way and so learning can take place at greater or lesser depth within their personalised plans.  The pre-formal curriculum aims to support students developing their communication and independence in order to be able to be active participants in the communities they belong to in order to prepare them for adulthood.


Semi-formal learners will typically be working between M4 and M7 and will progress from starting to develop the foundations of subject specific knowledge, progressing through the knowledge of our Uplands Curriculum.  The curriculum is sequenced to support students building upon prior knowledge.  Students are encouraged and supported to use their preferred methods of communication and this is a key focus of our curriculum. Opportunities to apply and generalise their knowledge outside of classroom experiences will be a key feature to help consolidate and secure learning to help prepare students for adult life. 


Formal learners will typically be working between M8 and E3 of the adult core curriculum and beyond. They will demonstrate a greater depth of understanding of subject specific learning and be able to draw upon and make links to prior learning more readily. Communication is a strong feature of the curriculum. They will consolidate learning both in and out of the classroom to help prepare them for adult life.