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Stakeholder Views

At Uplands we are open and honest about the views of our stakeholders (Parents/Carers, Students and Staff) and are more than happy to share information from questionnaires. We take the results seriously and respond to feedback both positive and negative. Please find below some comments from the latest questionnaires. 

Parent/Carer Comments from Survey - June 2019 

 I'm very happy with uplands school and my son loves going there, its a lovely place and the quality of teaching and support is amazing.


The school is excellent and has been invaluable to my son.


Highly appropriate programme and targets.


Amazing school, we have seen great progress.


Staff Comments from Survey - June 2019 

I love working here and feel very privileged to be teaching and supporting the students.


I really enjoy working in our class and find we all work really well together.


My class is just the best, we work as a team every day, supporting each other, if we did not support each other and work as a team, our class would not work, we all listen to each other and our teacher, we are always thinking of different strategies.


Student Comments from Survey - June 2019  

Everyone is friendly


I like to learn life skills


Coming to school makes me happy


Annual Report Comments - June 2019  

We are so pleased with her progress. This has only been made possible by the amazing, caring and supportive staff.


Thank you all for supporting H’s learning and giving her the great opportunities to help her develop to her full potential.


Thank you for helping her to flourish.


Many thanks to everyone who has helped him while he has been there, he is going to miss everyone and luckily you’ve prepped him well for the next stage.