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Uplands School

Uplands School
A Vibrant and Caring Community Where Learning for Life is Fun
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Uplands School Uplands School

Stakeholder Views

At Uplands we are open and honest about the views of our stakeholders (Parents/Carers, Students and Staff) and are more than happy to share information from questionnaires. We take the results seriously and respond to feedback both positive and negative. Please find below some comments from the latest questionnaires. 

 Parent/Carer Comments from the October 2023 Survey 


My child is very happy at uplands school and loves coming to school and has made so much progress since coming to this school it is an excellent school and the teachers go out of there way to help you


Uplands School is a very good School. My daughter loves her school and her lovely teachers. Thanks


Uplands is a fantastic school. My son has been very well supported since his first day. He has learnt new skills and is always developing more. The school has been very helpful, in many different situations. Very happy.


My child is very happy at school and thanks to all the staff who are involved with my child


Staff Comments from the November 2023 Staff Survey

Great support from all the management, teachers and staff, it's a lovely school and I am proud to be part of an amazing team.
In my current class & provision I’m supported, good team & leader.
As a long term member of staff within Brunel, I feel well supported and respected, especially in my provision and class that I am in this year.


Parent Comment from Ofsted Inspection Survey November 2022

 The life skills he learns are vital for him to be a productive member of society.


 Parent/Carer Comments from the June 2022 Survey 


Staff are amazing they go above and beyond for my child.


Uplands is a fantastic School. My son loves attending and looks forward to being there every day.


Our son has been very well supported with his leaning and emotional wellbeing.


I am very pleased with the progress my child has made.


Thank you everyone at Uplands School - we couldn't ask anymore of any of the staff - my son loves being there - a fantastic school.