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Embedding British Values

British Values

As a school we have a duty to ‘actively promote’ the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

At Uplands our students develop their awareness of British Values through a broad range of curriculum, pastoral and whole school activities. The Values underpin and are integral to all that we do here and we make the most of every opportunity to make them explicit to our young people and to help them understand their own valuable and valued place in upholding these Values.


We teach the development of the political system of democratic government in the United Kingdom, including the roles of citizens, Parliament and the Monarchy. We also cover the operation of Parliament, including voting and elections and the role of political parties. Our students are able to experience democracy in action through our very active Student Council, where members are elected and are there to represent the views of the whole student body through termly meetings. We build many opportunities in to daily school life for students to make choices of their own and also to respect the choices that others make if they are different to ours’. Uplands also participates in the National Youth Parliament elections, enabling all students to have the opportunity to participate

The ‘role of citizens’ forms part of the citizenship framework and is supplemented by activities such as community visits and raising money for charities such as the Food Bank, Children in Need and Macmillan.

The Rule of Law

Students learn about the nature of rules and laws and the justice system, including the role of the police and the operation of courts and tribunals. We support students in experiencing how rules are relevant to their daily lives by having class rules and promoting discussion around why it is important to follow common rules and how this contributes to a safe, settled and happy society.

Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Uplands is committed to ensuring that all students develop an understanding of their rights as individuals and their responsibilities to each other and to the community. Our PSHE programmes focus on ensuring that students develop an awareness of friendship, tolerance and free expression as well as the rights of all students to feel safe. Students develop an understanding that with these rights come responsibilities to support others and protects these rights for others. Through our Personal Development programme students begin to develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within the wider community. Uplands also participates in anti-bullying week which further reinforces the notions of freedom and responsibility. In key stage four students learn about key figures such as Martin Luther King and how they are relevant in today’s society.

Students at Uplands participate in a variety of Remembrance Day activities each November ranging from selling poppies and laying wreathes to participating in the collective silence.

Through a range of curriculum work, notably RE and PSHE, students learn about different faiths and how people celebrate and follow the teachings of their religion. They will look at similarities as well as differences and consider how all religions and cultures can live alongside each other, enriching each others’ lives.

Student Progress and Qualifications

Students may have EHCP outcomes and 12 month targets that link to concepts around British Values. For example a student may experience particular difficulties understanding or accepting different groups which would create difficulties for them and others in life. A target may focus learning in this area.

Students in Key Stage 4 follow the ASDAN Citizenship Towards Independence Module, as a basis for their curriculum or their accreditation. They complete the compulsory sections the first year and the extended project work in the second year. Over KS 4 they complete the whole module.

Students in Key Stage 5 study formal units related to British Values such as Rights and Responsibilities through the OCR Life and Living Qualification or through various BTEC modules such as Using Money or Working with Others. Some areas of British Values also link to areas within the Uplands Skills Framework. Examples include: Asking questions and Curiosity and research.

Through external work experience placements students learn, through interacting in the workplace, concepts such as tolerance, respect and working with other people. In addition they learn the value of making an important contribution to their local community through community enterprise projects such as running the school coffee shop, making and selling goods through creative enterprise and raising money for charity through fund raising.