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Habilitation training combines both mobility and orientation training with the teaching of the life skills needed to perform everyday tasks.

What is our aim?

To encourage every child and young person who has a visual impairment to be

  • independent
  • self-confident
  • successful

What do we do?

We work

  • with children and young people who have a visual impairment, from birth until they leave school
  • in partnership with families of the children or young people, health professionals, schools and other agencies

To offer

  • one-to-one teaching with the child or young person
  • advice and training to parents and carers
  • advice and training to schools and other professionals

What do we do on a mobility and independent living skills (habilitation) lesson?

After comprehensive assessment, a programme of tuition is agreed on. This will vary depending on the age and needs of the child or young person.

For example, a three year old child may need to learn how to move around their pre-school setting confidently whereas, a teenager may want to learn how to get into town on the bus to meet their friends.

For another child, it may be a programme of play activities which encourage tactile exploration, use of gross motor skills, maximising vision and using sound clues. These play activities might include hopping and skipping, and playing hide and seek.

When do we do it?

This varies according to individual needs and circumstances. They will either receive regular tuition or less frequent with monitoring. Often a child only needs additional support during transition from one school to another.

This service adheres to the Habilitation Quality Standards and is provided through a contract with Guide Dogs.