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Eye Clinics

Low Vision Clinic

The Low Vision Clinic is based in the Eye Department at Great Western Hospital.

They will make assessments of eye conditions and make recommendations of any low vision aids which can help in day to day living. They provide magnifiers and visual aids on a free loan basis but ask that you take good care of them to ensure maximum benefit.

Contact: 01793 604702

Jennifer McMahon, Head Optician

Information on personnel at the Eye Clinic at the Great Western Hospital

The Ophthalmology Team

Miss P. Burgess is the Consultant Ophthalmologist with a special interest in children. An ophthalmologist is a highly qualified doctor who has trained in eye care. The ophthalmologist and her team will see the children and diagnose the eye problem. They will be able to explain to parents what is wrong and discuss any treatment available. They can also refer children on for further testing to Oxford and Moorfields Hospital in London if this is necessary.

There is a team of orthoptists at The Great Western Hospital. An orthoptist has trained in the testing of vision in young children. They work closely with the ophthalmologist. If your child requires treatment in the form of glasses and/or patching it will be the orthoptist who regularly checks your child’s vision and monitors the treatment.

They liaise with the Advisory Teacher for Visual Impairment and offer what help and advice they can in individual cases.

Optometrists also work at the Eye Clinic who will carry out routine tests to prescribe glasses for your child. They may also refer children to the Low Vision Clinic.