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 Uplands School - Return to School Plan for September 2020


Weeks 1 and 2 of Term
The plan for the return to school is detailed below:- 

Tuesday 1st September is a staff training day where we are not open to any students.   

The schedule for the rest of week 1 and 2 is detailed below.  The reason for this gradual return beyond the transition days is to give us an opportunity to test out our operational guidelines with a phased increase in numbers and to enable us to make any adjustments as required.  This is obviously extremely important for the safety of the whole community.  Where possible, we would ask for the young people of key workers to attend in accordance with the plan below, but should this not be possible, please contact your young person’s class teacher and we will work to provide school on the days that you need it to cover your working days. 

Week 1

Who Can Attend?

Tues 1st Sept

TD Day – no students in school

Wed 2nd Sept

Year 7s +  other new starters

Thurs 3rd Sept

Year 7s + other new starters

Fri 4th Sept

Key Stage 3 + Sparrowhawk Class

Week 2

Who Can Attend?

Mon 7th  Sept

Key Stage 3*  + Sparrowhawk Class

Tue 8th Sept

Key Stage 3 + Key Stage 5*

Wed 9th Sept

Key Stage 3 + Key Stage 5

Thur 10th Sept

Whole school returns – Key Stage 3, 4* and 5   

*Key Stage 3 = Years 7, 8 and 9

 Key Stage 4 = Year 10 and 11

 Key Stage 5 = Years 12, 13 and 14

We are working with transport and have communicated this plan with them.  However, in terms of the detail, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that transport knows the requirements for your young person, particularly if you are a key worker or are wanting a more bespoke or gradual plan. If you are planning to bring your young person to school by car, please arrive at 9:30 and collect again at 2:00 pm to avoid congestion with the buses.  

Contact Us:
If you have any concerns or worries please contact:

Headteacher, Fiona Clark on: 07825 619 567
David Stevens, Deputy Headteacher on: 07825 619 597 
Jackie Smith MBE, CEO of Brunel SEN MAT on: 07827 296667

We wish you a happy summer break and look forward to seeing you young people again in September 

Covid-19 Important Information and Documents

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Annex

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Operational Guidance for September 2020

PLEASE READ - Please be aware that there are many fraudulent emails/scams being sent pretending to be from schools offering refunds for school trips or offering payments for those families on free school meals. Please do not reply to these emails and do not email any personal information, such as bank details, to anyone. If you are unsure about a telephone call, text or email claiming to be from school, please check with the school office before responding.

 Many thanks for your cooperation and support at this challenging time.


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